Recycling plant developed for Inverness Harbour

New plans for a £20million (€23 million) waste recycling plant have been revealed for Inverness Harbour in Scotland, UK.

The plant will convert waste collected from the Highlands into recycled materials, in addition to a biomass fibre, which could then be utilised to generate renewable energy.

This process is known as auto-claving, where the level of waste is reduced and the recyclable material is extracted before it is used to make the biomass fibre.

The project is also expected to lower the amount of HGVs on both the A9 and A96 as it will transport this fibre via boats.

‘This is good news for the environment because our waste could be used to create biofuels and it would be good news for the Highlands, with the reduction in HGV traffic,’ commented Murdo Macleod, the chief executive of Inverness Harbour Trust. ‘It would also be very good news for the harbour as the biomass fibre and recyclable material would be taken elsewhere through the port by ship.’

30 permanent positions will become available when the facility becomes fully operational, while more jobs will be created during the construction phase.

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