Sep 21, 2020
Agricultural waste: the optimum biomass solution?
Sep 14, 2020
Gotlands Energy AB and Dürr Megtec teamed up to develop an efficient treatment of landfill gas with low methane concentrations. Today, up to 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden originate from old landfills, where methane gas is released into the atmosphere untreated. Incineration can destroy methane, which reduces emissions; however, the process is undermined... [Read More]

Sep 7, 2020
With a Nobel Peace Prize under her belt, and a crucial role as Enviva’s vice-president and chief sustainability officer, Dr Jennifer Jenkins is well-versed on the benefits of biomass. Bioenergy Insight caught up with Dr Jenkins to discuss the impact of COVID-19, anti-biomass campaigns and the role of bioenergy in a low-carbon future. Could you tell our readers a bit... [Read More]

Sep 1, 2020
Knight Energy Services, part of AHK Group, delves into the many uses of meat and bone meal in the bioenergy sector. The UK produces around 350,000 tonnes of meat and bone meal (MBM) each year. In Europe, it has proven to be a sustainably developed way of farming, and it’s also being used increasingly by biomass power stations as a source of renewable energy. MBM... [Read More]

Aug 21, 2020
As a feedstock, straw has a long retention time due to its high fibre content. Pretreatment technology can provide a solution for biogas producers. The ever-increasing need to reduce production costs or comply with increasingly stringent biomethane regulations is pushing biogas plants — particularly those that use agricultural biomass — to re-use by-products that... [Read More]

Aug 17, 2020
“In Lithuania, the share of biomass in residential district heating has increased from 30% to 70% over the last five years” Bioenergy plans and developments across Scandinavia and the Baltics appear well-equipped to capitalise on any post-COVID-19 surge in public support for clean energy to replace fossil fuels. In the midst of coping with the devastating human... [Read More]

Aug 10, 2020
Neil Watkins, co-founder of UK-based Energy Crops Consultancy, explains how his company is utilising a growing market for energy crops to provide sustainable solutions. In a difficult economic climate, it is essential to keep our sights on preserving the environment, while continuing to produce, innovate, and improve the ways that we provide global energy solutions.... [Read More]

Aug 3, 2020
The town of Jevnaker harnesses bio-CNG with DMT Clear Gas Solutions. Given the recent 25th anniversary of the 1994 Olympics Winter Games, DMT Clear Gas Solutions has been reflecting on its project with Hadeland og Ringerike Avfallsselskap (HRA) — one of the first biogas upgrading facilities in Norway. This project paved the way for other renewable natural gas (RNG)... [Read More]

Jul 27, 2020
UK firm Antaco discusses its hydrothermal carbonisation technology and a recent project at a wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland. Based in the UK, Antaco secured its first multi-million-pound contract to manage a water utility’s sludge; according to the company, this was the first contract of its kind in Europe. Now, Antaco is on-site in Switzerland at an undisclosed... [Read More]

Jul 20, 2020
Danish energy firm Ørsted has moved almost entirely away from coal, thanks to wood biomass. In this article, Ørsted’s Carsten Birkeland Kjær explains how the company is utilising wood chips to reduce carbon emissions. Using wood biomass for energy generation has allowed Ørsted to almost fully move away from coal. To ensure significant carbon savings, the biomass... [Read More]

Jul 2, 2020
Introducing GoodChips® — the first international certification scheme for wood chips. Wood chips have been produced and traded worldwide for decades. In the 1960s, the first transoceanic shipments of wood chips hinted at a boost of their industrial use, which turned out to be the reality today. According to Bioenergy Europe, wood chips represent 50% of all the... [Read More]

Jun 26, 2020
Ecostrat, a North American firm focused on biomass feedstock supply and supply chain risk mitigation, explains how a standardised approach is key to boosting bioenergy investment Moving away from the traditional fossil fuel energy paradigm is a slow and incremental process and achieving this transition over the next decade will require the coordination of many things.... [Read More]

Jun 19, 2020
UK bioenergy leaders seek a green response to COVID-19, by Colin Ley UK bioenergy leaders are working hard to keep the sector running in the face of COVID-19, striving to address short-term supply issues within a deeply disrupted global marketplace while also starting to focus on the industry’s ‘exit strategy’. There are obvious downsides for renewable energy... [Read More]

Jun 11, 2020
For on-farm biogas plants using crop-based feedstocks, the quality of the harvesting and ensiling processes can make or break the efficiency of the plant and the anaerobic digestion (AD)  process for the following year, severely impacting gas output and profit. Having experienced issues with bought-in silage feedstock outside his control, Nick Cowie of Gloucestershire-based... [Read More]

Jun 5, 2020
Privilege Finance’s chief commercial officer, Chris Winward, explains why urgent action is required to support energy from waste Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, countries all over the world have introduced social distancing and isolation restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. As a result, there has been a dramatic decrease in carbon emissions;... [Read More]

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