Jan 10, 2022
Biogas – the answer to CO2 supply issues?
Dec 21, 2021
With more than 300 installations under its belt, Host has big plans for the future of bioenergy. From its humble beginnings as an engineering firm advising industrial companies on energy efficiency, Host has become a major player in the bioenergy industry. Host was the result of a joint venture between Holec Projects and Stork, two well-established suppliers of... [Read More]

Dec 15, 2021
John Hanselman, founder and chief strategy officer at Vanguard Renewables, sheds light on the importance of farm waste in reaching global net-zero goals. I was watching a recent Netflix documentary, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet, when I heard a brilliant explanation of the unique opportunity the generations of people currently living on Earth hold.... [Read More]

Dec 9, 2021
What to look forward to at the International Biogas & Biomass Congress & Expos. After almost two years of lockdown restrictions and Zoom meetings, it is a joy to be able to write this preview ahead of our event in March. Biogas, biomass and biofuels industry members will gather, once again, in Brussels, to discuss the enormous potential of our respective... [Read More]

Dec 7, 2021
Lauma Kazusa, head of market analysis at SUEZ Trading Europe, discusses the changing landscape surrounding wood waste and its impact on the bioenergy sector. Market turbulence has been incredible over the last two years, affecting all sectors and products. Wood waste has not escaped this rollercoaster ride and is firmly set to continue with new twists and turns ahead. In... [Read More]

Dec 3, 2021
In September, Bright Biomethane opened its first small-scale bio-CNG biogas upgrader to help agricultural businesses to ‘green’ their fleets. Over the past two years in Houffalize, Belgium, Bright Biomethane has been developing a unique project, upgrading biogas for use in agricultural transportation. The technology offers a cost-effective system for bio-CNG... [Read More]

Nov 26, 2021
QUBE Renewables discusses a recent project in Kenya, helping a local flower farm to generate biogas from its waste. The World Energy Council assesses the World Energy Trilemma Index. This is an annual measurement of national energy system performances across three dimensions: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. Although Kenya’s trilemma... [Read More]

Nov 23, 2021
Thomas Siegmund, head of biomass certification at the Sustainable Resources Verification Scheme (SURE), discusses the implications of RED II on the biogas sector. On 18 December 2018, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) came into force, which obliged EU Member States to request binding proof of sustainability for the generation of electricity and heat from solid... [Read More]

Nov 19, 2021
Austria-based Polytechnik is helping New Zealand sawmills cut emissions with innovative biomass technology. With more than 3,300 plants installed worldwide and an export rate of 95%, Austrian firm Polytechnik has become a global player and leading supplier of customised solutions for any application, be it warm water, thermal oil or steam, from co-generation plants... [Read More]

Nov 10, 2021
As practice manager of the Climate Change Fund Management Unit, Marc Sadler oversees the World Bank’s climate and carbon finance portfolio. These funds invest in and provide results-based finance for programmes covering sustainable forestry and land use, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and national policy. The unit also includes climate finance programmes administered... [Read More]

Nov 8, 2021
Funding is being made available in Africa and Asia; the challenge for bioenergy producers will be to extract a fair share of funding and resources. Assessing the current state of bioenergy plans, prospects and progress across Africa and Asia during the early days of COP26 certainly concentrated the mind. The world’s attention on climate change mitigation became... [Read More]

Oct 27, 2021
In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Seth Ginther, executive director of the US Industrial Pellet Association. Forging consensus within countries and among the community of nations may be the greatest challenge to tackling the climate crisis.... [Read More]

Oct 26, 2021
In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Neil Holland, UK Pellet Council director and managing director of Y Pellets. Biomass, in particular wood pellets, has thousands of contented end-users, especially across the UK and Europe who are often the... [Read More]

Oct 22, 2021
In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Mark Sommerfeld, head of power and flexibility at the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA). "For the last few years, public support for biomass, and its use within renewable bioenergy... [Read More]

Oct 18, 2021
A look at how to reduce fines — the broken pieces of wood pellets — and improve pellet quality, with Biomass Engineering & Equipment. It’s no secret: fines lower pellets’ value. Too many fines can result in a customer or port authority rejecting a supply of pellets altogether. These concerns are why manufacturers do their best to screen their pellets. But,... [Read More]

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