Sep 10, 2021
In conversation with Fiona Macleod
Sep 6, 2021
4CleanTech discusses the future of combined heat and power (CHP) technology with biomethane and hydrogen. In the past, energy was simply a fixed cost factor in the value chain of a company, but this has changed fundamentally in the last decade. By using renewable energy sources, energy-intensive businesses, in particular, can not only reduce their carbon footprint but... [Read More]

Aug 23, 2021
Taaleri’s new biocoal production facility in Finland will use NextFuel’s torrefaction technology to create a clean alternative fuel. Earlier this year, Nordic investment and asset manager Taaleri and energy company Savon Voima announced plans to build a new biocoal production facility in Finland. To produce biocoal at the new plant in Joensuu, a city in North Karelia,... [Read More]

Aug 19, 2021
Specialists at Eco Verde Energy and Omex Environmental reveal their top tips and tricks for getting AD plant biology right. Close monitoring of what is going on inside an anaerobic digestion (AD) tank is essential to identify and resolve problems, prevent expensive equipment breakdowns and maximise biogas outputs and profit. In this exclusive article, Richard Braybrooke,... [Read More]

Aug 16, 2021
Dryers are a crucial piece of equipment in the AD industry, helping operators turn their waste into a lucrative business. Anaerobic digestion is an increasingly popular way to dispose of animal and food wastes. The big advantage is obvious: the ability to generate a gaseous biofuel that can offset natural gas usage. But, many people operating anaerobic digesters inadvertently... [Read More]

Aug 13, 2021
A decision by the Norwegian Parliament to equalise biogas with hydrogen and electricity has provided a boost for the country’s bioenergy sector. The Norwegian Parliament’s decision in May to equalise biogas with electricity and hydrogen in all public policies was undoubtedly a major step forward for the bioenergy industry in Norway and also, potentially, for the... [Read More]

Aug 9, 2021
Using its patented technology, Norwegian firm Arbaflame is producing black pellets derived from bio-waste to replace or co-fire with coal. Arbaflame, owned by Norwegian investment company Pemco, has pioneered what it describes as the ‘next generation of wood pellets’. The company has spent 10 years and invested around NOK 550 million (€52.6 million) in developing... [Read More]

Aug 2, 2021
As the shipping industry accelerates its efforts to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s decarbonisation targets, a growing number of organisations are looking to bio-LNG — an increasingly recognised ‘sustainable fuel’ with untapped greenhouse gas emissions reduction potential. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction is not a new conversation for... [Read More]

Jul 26, 2021
In the US, RUF Briquetting Systems helped a Pennsylvania company to utilise wood waste and sawdust, creating a new revenue stream. As prices for petroleum and other traditional fuel sources fluctuate, many businesses in the US are turning to wood briquettes as an energy alternative. Carbon neutral and easy to use, briquettes have gained popularity and businesses are... [Read More]

Jul 19, 2021
Based in the Netherlands, Mavitec Green Energy has developed highly efficient and effective equipment to fight food waste and contribute to a circular economy. Tackling the world’s food waste problems is dependent on many things; a good collection service, solid legislation, and, of course, technology. When Mavitec Green Energy developed the Paddle Depacker five... [Read More]

Jul 7, 2021
Downtime can be hugely detrimental to operations, and that is where Maximo-as-a-Service can help. Bioenergy has been one of the fastest-growing fields of the last 10 years and one of the most important goals for companies is to be able to provide renewable energy that is both profitable and reliable. Strict standards apply to all of those working in the industry,... [Read More]

Jul 5, 2021
Biogastechnik Süd explores the benefits of digestate evaporation as part of a successful biogas operation. Nutrient management is an important issue for many livestock farmers and biogas operators. This is where the process of digestate evaporation, which enables digestate to be converted into commercial fertiliser, steps in. With the development of the Vapogant... [Read More]

Jun 29, 2021
With COP26 on the horizon, there is an opportunity for the UK to bolster its bioenergy potential, writes Colin Ley. This is a massive year for the UK bioenergy industry with the impact of the COVID-19 recovery, Brexit-inspired trade battles, and COP26 combining to create upsides and downsides in pretty much equal measure. While the whole world is coping with the... [Read More]

Jun 18, 2021
What are the barriers to on-farm anaerobic digestion and how can they be resolved? Why is the uptake of anaerobic digestion (AD) on UK farms so low? What are the barriers to adoption and what can be done to reduce or remove them? These are the questions that have driven recent research by Associate Professor Dr Hafez Abdo, Nottingham University Business School at the... [Read More]

Jun 14, 2021
Colony Farm in Cambridgeshire, UK, houses a virtual pipeline to boost its biogas potential Upgraded biogas is a very efficient source of renewable energy — biomethane. Biogas can be produced from various organic resources, including agricultural waste, municipal waste, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities. Some of these sites are in very remote areas that... [Read More]

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