Apr 2, 2024
Dall Energy’s French connection
Mar 22, 2024
A globally operating supplier of burners as well as drying and energy plants, BÜTTNER – a member of the Siempelkamp Group – is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Carsten Otto, head of sales, tells Bioenergy Insight about the company’s new collaboration with SWISS COMBI. Otto’s work with BÜTTNER began in 1995, which is when the organisation was founded... [Read More]

Mar 18, 2024
Martina Marignani, junior communications officer at Bioenergy Europe, gives an overview of the trade association’s manifesto, ahead of the European elections this summer. The next European electoral mandate will have a crucial role in delivering on the European Union’s (EU) climate and energy targets. Representing over half of Europe’s renewable energy production,... [Read More]

Mar 12, 2024
Trade associations Eurogas and the Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe) have agreed to combine their resources for more efficient representation of gaseous fuel use in the European transport sector. Didier Holleaux, Eurogas president, explains more about the partnership. Eurogas and NGVA Europe have been aligned for many years, Holleaux said, going... [Read More]

Mar 5, 2024
A MMI-2 belt conveyor scale installed in a telestacker enables Avedøreværket to prepare an accurate CO2 statement for the authorities. The scale weighs the fly ash that is added to the biofuel as the ash travels on a conveyor belt. A simple solution with some modern technology from Siemens has proved to be a stroke of genius at the Avedøreværket, a combined heat and... [Read More]

Feb 27, 2024
Michael Whitby, Avista’s RNG Program Manager, tells Bioenergy Insight about the company’s renewable natural gas (RNG) purchasing agreement Avista, a US energy company, has signed an agreement with Pine Creek RNG to purchase renewable natural gas (RNG) to be produced at the Quad Cities Landfill in Milan, Illinois. The Quad Cities Landfill is owned by Millennium Waste... [Read More]

Feb 20, 2024
A shifting feedstock mix in biogas production necessitates new plant designs. The entry of more challenging feedstock types, such as municipal organic waste and fish sludge, poses issues for traditional digestion technology but also sparks innovation in the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry, Antec explains. Increasingly, countries worldwide are implementing strict regulations... [Read More]

Feb 13, 2024
Bioenergy Insight hears from Frankie Ugboma, CEO at Dimeta and Tony Gittings, managing director at Rinnai UK, on their recently-signed Memorandum of Understanding to explore LPG market decarbonisation. Dimeta, a global joint venture to accelerate the production and use of renewable and recycled carbon Dimethyl Ether (DME) has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding... [Read More]

Feb 5, 2024
Ryan Begin, co-founder and CEO of Divert, gives an overview of how the company valorises food waste for anaerobic digestion Divert is an impact technology company that creates advanced technologies and sustainable infrastructure to prevent wasted food. It provides technology, logistics and anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities to help retailers reach their sustainability... [Read More]

Jan 26, 2024
Last July, CHAR Technologies Ltd (CHAR Tech) closed a C$6.6 million (€4.5 million) strategic investment by leading steel and mine firm, ArcelorMittal. CHAR Tech’s CEO, Andrew White, tells Bioenergy Insight more. CHAR Tech is a leader in sustainable energy solutions, and is headquartered in Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Its core technology consists of high-temperature... [Read More]

Jan 23, 2024
Meet the CEO helping the global bioenergy sector reduce its oil consumption by up to 50% Can you introduce us to Tan Delta Systems, your products and the work that you do? Tan Delta Systems is a global leader in oil condition monitoring. In essence, our unique FSH™ sensor technology can tell you if your machine or engine is about to fail; whether and when your oil... [Read More]

Jan 15, 2024
Colin Ley analyses the situation in the region. A significant rise in development funding capacity is being created for use across Asia with similar advances in clean energy financing also being pursued in Africa. In both continents, the need to address climate change concerns is central to many new or emerging spending plans, clearing the way for renewable energy businesses... [Read More]

Jan 3, 2024
Last September, Bioenergy Devco (BDC), the North American division of BTS Bioenergy, received permitting approval for construction of its organics recycling facility at its Bioenergy Innovation Center in Seaford, Delaware in the US. Shawn Kreloff, BDC CEO, tells Bioenergy Insight more. BDC collaborates with businesses, communities and governments to address the challenge... [Read More]

Dec 18, 2023
An upgrade from producing electricity to gas at a local anaerobic digestion facility has transformed a Norfolk town into one of the UK’s first green communities. Bioenergy Insight finds out more. The picturesque town of Attleborough in Norfolk, England, has found a new claim to fame. An upgrade to an existing anaerobic digestion (AD) plant on a former turkey rearing... [Read More]

Dec 12, 2023
VYNCKE Solutions explains its range of projects and innovations all over the world. Food and feed businesses all over the world are looking for pathways to decarbonisation. The awareness that biomass is one of the solutions keeps growing. Many industries have a biomass side-stream or waste-stream, which Vyncke energy plants valorise by turning into energy for their production... [Read More]

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