Mars Wrigley expects operational biomass boiler by October 2023

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Confectionery manufacturer Mars Wrigley is investing around $800,000 for a biomass boiler in its Antipolo factory as it looks to switch to renewable energy sources.
“We have a project approved for next year where we will move away from using diesel completely and we will move to biomass. It will be the first time that we will be 100 percent renewable energy,” Mars Wrigley Antipolo factory director Fernando del Castillo told reporters in an interview.
Del Castillo said the biomass boiler will be powered by rice husk or coconut shell.
He said the shift to this renewable energy source is also in line with efforts to help offset high diesel costs.
Del Castillo  said the biomass boiler is expected to be up and running by October next year.
The company’s Antipolo factory, which began operations in 1999, manufactures the firm’s iconic brands such as Doublemint, Cool Air and Juicy Fruit.
Del Castillo said 95 percent of the factory’s production is exported to various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka, among others.

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