Ductor to develop 200 biogas and organic fertiliser projects

Finnish-Swiss biotech firm Ductor has closed funding from BW Group to develop 200 new biogas and sustainable organic fertiliser projects over three years.

Ductor will develop the projects in the EU and North America after receiving a significant investment from BW Group, a major maritime group in the tanker, gas, and offshore segments.

The new projects, such as biogas plants, will use agricultural or fish waste to create two products: renewable biogas and sustainable organic fertiliser. The circular economy model will help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the energy and agriculture sectors.

The new facilities will be built in Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Norway, and the US, among others. They are expected to be operational within a few years.

Ari Mokko, founder and CEO of Ductor, said: “As company owners, we need to push and do our utmost to counter climate change. Ductor’s goal is to use the circular economy as a weapon in this fight and now, with the help of BW Group, we can speed up our operations.”

With their investment, BW Group will become a major shareholder in Ductor, as well as a strategic partner. Andreas Beroutsos, senior executive at BW Group and now a board member of Ductor, said: “BW Group has been focused on the energy transition for some time, with prior investments in batteries, renewables, water treatment, and other technologies to address global challenges.

“Ductor has a unique solution producing two valuable outputs from waste: biofuels and organic fertilisers. We are delighted to be partnering with Ari Mokko, Ductor’s visionary founder, his team, and their existing investors to help Ductor grow and make a positive contribution to resolving some of today’s environmental, energy, and land and food challenges.”

Ductor opened its first operational sustainable fertiliser and biogas facility in Mexico and contracted for three new facilities in Poland. The firm has around 75 new projects under development in Europe and North America.

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