Ductor to build three biogas facilities in Poland utilising poultry waste

Finnish-Swiss biotech company Ductor is building three combined biofertiliser-biogas facilities in northern Poland.

The new facilities will be built in Poland's Zachodniopomorskie region, approximately 100km off the coast of the Baltic Sea. The plants will use 100% poultry waste to create renewable electricity and organic nitrogen fertiliser, helping to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Two of the new plants will have installed capacity of 0.5MW and the third will be 1MW. All three plants are expected to be operational in 2021.

"We opened our first operational biofertiliser-biogas facilities in Mexico at the end of last year and we are now pleased to announce our next European facilities in Poland," said Ari Ketola, founder and CEO of Ductor. "These plants will be close to the Baltic Sea where they will decrease the need for coal-based energy, prevent nutrient run-off into the Baltic Sea, and replace chemical fertiliser with recycled nutrients.

"Strong support from an experienced funding partner and environmentally-oriented local authorities helped make this project possible, and I'm very grateful for that."

The three plants will use around 500,000 tonnes or around 1% of the total poultry manure produced in Poland each year. Ductor has similar projects underway, including five to 10 new facilities in Poland, and a "solid portfolio of projects" under development in Europe and the Americas. According to Ductor, since patenting its system in 2015, the company has developed and commercialised its innovation so that it can be deployed globally.

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