Aemetis starts commissioning biogas-to-RNG facility

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Aemetis has started the commissioning of its $12 million (€10.8 million) biogas-to-RNG facility in California.

The facility will be connected to the PG&E gas pipeline interconnection unit located at Aemetis’s Keyes ethanol plant site. The full commissioning process including PG&E’s interconnection unit is expected to be completed in April, enabling the production of utility-grade RNG for sale to customers via pipeline delivery.

“The commissioning of the Aemetis biogas upgrading facility and gas utility interconnection unit allows us to launch dairy RNG sales for use in trucks and buses to displace petroleum diesel,” said Andy Foster, president of Aemetis Biogas, a subsidiary of Aemetis.

“The engineering, permitting, procurement, and construction of these two facilities required about three years to complete. We look forward to beginning commercial deliveries of low-cost, carbon-negative fuel to our RNG customers in the heavy vehicle industry, including trucking companies, waste haulers, and bus operators.”

Aemetis recently published its Five Year Plan, including an investment of $300 million (€271 million) to build 66 dairy digesters and more than 36 miles of biogas pipeline to produce more than 1.5 million MMBtu of dairy RNG each year.

In January, Aemetis completed an additional seven miles of underground pipeline to transport biogas from five new dairy digesters. Including the four miles of pipeline commissioned in late 2020, Aemetis has installed more than 11 miles of pipeline and is on track to complete the full 36 miles this year.

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