Logistics firm adds RNG trucks to fleet via Adopt-A-Port initiative

RoadEX, a major California drayage company, is adding 16 new natural gas trucks to its fleet through Chevron and Clean Energy Fuels’ Adopt-A-Port programme.

In switching from diesel fuel to RNG, RoadEX has committed to approximately 960,000 gallons of RNG over the contract term.

In May, Chevron invested an additional $20 million (€16.9 million) in Clean Energy’s Adopt-A-Port initiative and has now invested a total of $28 million (€23.7 million) in the scheme. The initiative provides truck operators – large fleets and owner-operators – serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, with cleaner, carbon-negative RNG to reduce emissions.

“RoadEX puts the environment first and we are excited about adding the new near-zero emission CNG trucks to our fleet,” said Eric Hooper, driver and terminal relations manager at RoadEX.

“Thanks to the hard work of people at the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Velocity Truck Centres, and Clean Energy. Our partnership with these companies and government agencies to help protect the air quality in Southern California has been and will continue to be an important part of our effort to help reduce pollution in the state of California.”

In a recent detailed nine-page letter sent to Environmental Justice groups, Wayne Nastri, executive officer of the SCAQMD in Southern California, emphasised the important role RNG heavy-duty trucks can play in improving the air quality around the ports.

In the letter, Nastri said: “Near-zero emission (NZE) technology has been commercially demonstrated and is available today, has sufficient fuelling infrastructure that is largely funded by the private sector, and is at least 90% cleaner than new diesel trucks on NOx and 100% cleaner on cancer-causing diesel particulate matter.

“When fuelled by RNG, these vehicles can also provide substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions. These vehicles are far more cost-effective than electric trucks, allowing limited incentive funds to stretch further.”

In addition to RoadEX, companies that added natural gas trucks through Adopt-A-Port in Q2 2021 include Total Distribution Service, Supra National Express, JL Xpress, Pac9 Transportation, Atlas Marine, Kargo Transportation, Henean Trucking, France C. Alegre Trucking, and NGL Logistics, for an anticipated total of 1.3 million gallons of RNG.

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