Gasum’s Lohja biogas plant officially opened

Gasum’s biogas plant in Lohja, Finland has officially been opened by Jari Leppä, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

The Lohja facility uses biodegradable waste from the Helsinki region to produce renewable biogas and organic recycled fertiliser, suitable for organic farming. Demand for renewable biogas is constantly growing and with it the need for organic waste suitable for use as a biogas feedstock, said Gasum.

The company’s newest biogas plant in Munkkaa, Lohja was officially opened virtually on 2 June. The facility will process around 60,000 tonnes of biomass fuel annually and produce 40 GWh of biogas, a renewable transport fuel – equivalent to the annual consumption of 4,000 cars.

“There is a constantly growing demand for biogas, which is, for example, currently by far the best way for heavy-duty transport to reduce emissions,” said Johan Grön, vice-president of biogas at Gasum.

“Growing demand for biogas also means a need for continuously more biogas feedstock or organic waste. The Lohja biogas plant offers companies in the Helsinki region a chance to become part of the circular economy and a cleaner future by recycling their biowaste into fully renewable biogas.”

Gasum now has 17 biogas plants in Finland and Sweden and is one of the largest biogas producers in the Nordic countries. Earlier this spring, Gasum opened the Nymölla plant in Sweden. Located beside Stora Enso’s pulp mill, the Nymölla plant uses process water from the mill as a feedstock and can produce 80 GWh of liquefied biogas.

The company is currently building an industrial-scale (120 GWh per year) manure-based biogas facility in Götene, Sweden. The plant is scheduled for completion in early 2023.

If you wish to learn more about what Gasum is doing in the biogas sector, Johan Gron, head of the company's biogas business unit, will be speaking at this year’s International Biogas Congress & Expo in Brussels on 19-20 October. For more information go to: bioenergy-news.com/conference.

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