Gasum’s biogas plant in Lohja, Finland now operational

Gasum’s biogas plant at the Munkka waste centre in Lohja, Finland, is now operational.

The facility will convert biowaste from the Helsinki region into renewable gas for transport and industry.

Around 60,000 tonnes of biodegradable feedstocks will be processed at the plant into 40 GWh of biogas, equivalent to the annual fuel consumption of 100 heavy-duty vehicles or 4,000 cars a year. The facility will also produce around 50,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser per year for agriculture. The biogas will be injected from the plant directly into the gas network.

Johan Grön, vice-president of biogas at Gasum, said: “It’s pleasing that our Lohja biogas plant was completed to plan. Our plant promotes the realisation of the circular economy in the Helsinki region.

“Demand for biogas is growing in all segments and we are constantly pursuing new opportunities to increase production capacity.

“Demand for recycled nutrients and organic fertilisers is showing development in various industrial sectors. We constantly need more biodegradable waste for our production and hope that operators in the Helsinki region will join us in promoting the circular economy by becoming part of the chain.”

“We welcome Gasum to our waste centre in Munkkaa, Lohja,” said Vesa Heikkonen, CEO of Rosk’n Roll Oy Ab. “Smooth cooperation in biowaste processing will now continue with cooperation in use of the site.

“We at waste management company Rosk’n Roll seek to create circular economy centres where it is easy for operators to locate and invest in plants that promote material and nutrient recycling. Gasum’s plant is an excellent example of this.”

The Lohja plant has been granted support of €7.83 million by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment under the Bioeconomy and clean solutions key project.

Gasum now has 16 biogas plants in Finland and Sweden, making it one of the largest biogas producers in the Nordics.

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