EQTEC to recommission Croatian waste-to-energy plant

Gasification solutions firm EQTEC has acquired a 1.2 MWe waste-to-energy gasification plant in Croatia.

EQTEC acquired the facility in Belišće through Synergy Projects, a joint venture (JV) between the EQTEC and its Croatian project development partner, Sense ESCO.

Originally commissioned in 2016, the plant was built around EQTEC’s proprietary and patented advanced gasification technology. The plant will be recommissioned to produce around 1.2 MW of green electricity from 8,000 tonnes per year of wood chips and forestry waste biomass from regional forests.

The contract value of EQTEC’s technology sales for the plant is expected to be around $1.7 million in technology and engineering upgrades.

Once operational, it is expected that EQTEC will become the plant’s operations and maintenance contractor and that the company will make it the second of its market development centres (MDC), and a showcase for EQTEC’s technology in a fully operational, commercial setting. The firm’s first MDC in Tuscany, Italy, was announced earlier this year.

David Palumbo, CEO of EQTEC, said: “EQTEC’s joint venture with such a capable and dependable partner as Sense ESCO provides the perfect platform for our re-entry into Croatia, re-introducing our advanced gasification technology to sustainably transform biomass waste into energy for local communities.

“The plant in Belišće, which will also be a market development centre, is the next of several EU waste-to-value facilities we are developing to integrate our leading-edge technology and overseeing through commissioning into live operations.”

The JV is currently 100% owned by EQTEC, with 20% equity to be transferred to Sense ESCO after completion and an additional 20% subject to performance milestones. The plant is expected to be updated, recommissioned, and repowered for operations towards the end of 2022.

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