Baltpool now sells SBP-certified biomass

International biomass exchange Baltpool has started selling sustainable biomass programme (SBP)-certified sustainable biomass that is in high demand in the market.

From now on, exchange participants can trade in biomass that meets the requirements of sustainability and has a SBP certificate, which is particularly relevant to Scandinavian and Baltic companies. The certificate is recognised globally.

Andrius Smaliukas, director of the International Biomass Exchange Baltpool, said: “To meet the expectations of our customers to the maximum, we have provided the opportunity to trade in biomass products having the SBP sustainability certificate on the biomass exchange.

“This certificate is increasingly required by biomass buyers from Scandinavia that purchase up to 50% of biomass in the Baltic States. Therefore, this solution is beneficial for both Scandinavian biomass buyers and Baltic sellers.”

The SBP certificate, issued by an accredited body, confirms that biomass is obtained from legal, sustainable sources and that the production facility complies with the established requirements. The certificates are most commonly used for wood pellets and particleboard products used in industry and large power plants. Currently, 371 certificates have been issued in 31 countries.

“A key aim for SBP is to facilitate the trade of biomass, whether in the form of pellets or chips, across international markets,” commented Carsten Huljus, CEO of SBP.

“The option to trade biomass carrying an SBP claim on the Baltpool exchange opens up another route to market for our certificate holders, which over time, we trust will be of benefit to them.”

In addition to SBP-certified biomass, Baltpool also sells biomass products with Forest Stewardship Council and ENplus certificates. Earlier this year, the organisation announced that the biomass exchange basket was supplemented by a new product – used wood.

Pellets, chips, used wood, fuel peat, and lignin are all sold on the platform. During 2020, 5.5 TWh of biomass was sold on the exchange and 5,629 transactions took place, amounting to €54.9 million.

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