ZwitterCo and Mott Corporation partner for new filtration solutions

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ZwitterCo, which develops membranes to treat the most challenging wastewaters, has announced a multi-year, exclusive partnership with Mott Corporation to deliver wastewater solutions for manure and food waste digesters, as well as breweries and distilleries, in North America.
The announcement follows Mott's acquisition of Digested Organics, ZwitterCo's North American channel partner since 2021.
ZwitterCo said it has solved a long-standing performance limitation for membranes, which are normally prone to rapid and irreversible clogging when filtering complex waste streams.
Traditional membranes often require extensive cleaning and replacement when exposed to even low levels of fats, oils and other organic compounds, while ZwitterCo's superfiltration membranes easily regenerate performance after processing saturated organic streams, the company said.
Innovators in sectors like agriculture, food, landfills and bioprocessing use superfiltration to extract tough-to-treat compounds from their wastewater, making it affordable to reuse the water and recover nutrients and other valuable products.
"Anaerobic digesters are an important technology in combatting climate change, as they generate renewable natural gas and organic fertilisers from food and agricultural wastes. However, the wastewater from digesters, called digestate, can be expensive to dispose of and is challenging to treat," said Alex Rappaport, CEO of ZwitterCo. "We are excited to partner with the team at Mott, which has terrific expertise in delivering complex, customised solutions into highly technical industries. With the addition of Digested Organics, Mott now has the most innovative solution for digestate treatment, as shown in some of the biggest successes in the industry so far, like Brown County Organics, Bettencourt Dairy #6, BioTown Biogas, and more."
"We have found ZwitterCo's membranes to offer a significant improvement relative to existing polymeric options on the market today. Integrating ZwitterCo's products into our turn-key filtration systems means Mott and our new team members at Digested Organics can offer a best-in-class solution for onsite wastewater treatment, water reuse, and co-product generation," said Pat Hill, VP & GM of Mott's North American Process Systems business.

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