Zelenskyy signs law regulating Ukraine’s biomethane customs clearance

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Ukraine has adopted legislation to regulate customs clearance of biomethane exports, as reported by UNN.
On 14 May, Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed into law No. 3613-IX (Bill No. 9456), which brings amendments to Ukraine's Customs Code.
The law means that customs clearance of biomethane will be carried out relative to the volume of biogas or other types of gas from alternative sources, which, once transported through the gas network, can be replaced by the corresponding volume of natural gas - or a mixture of both - at each gas transfer point.
The law is expected to help the development of a new energy production sector; the fulfilment of international decarbonisation commitments; compliance with SPS Agreement requirements for EU export; and an increase in Ukraine's export potential; an encouragement of international investment in Ukraine's energy sector.
The law also addresses the issue of raising the threshold for the value of goods sent by individual entrepreneurs and businesses outside Ukraine in international postal or express shipments without a written declaration.

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