Yosemite Clean Energy to develop green hydrogen, RNG

Yosemite Clean Energy (Yosemite) has secured a site to develop its first carbon-negative green hydrogen and RNG plant in California, utilising wood biomass.

Yosemite, a sustainable biofuels company, said ground-breaking at the site in Oroville is scheduled for Q2 for 2022. The company will utilise Austrian gasification technology, commercialised and deployed by Repotec, to produce commercial-scale carbon-negative green fuels.

The Oroville facility will be the flagship dual-bed gasification facility in the Americas, following over 100,000 hours of commercial run-time across developed plants in Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

“Yosemite and our team of engineers, forest and farm professionals, legal, marketing and financial teams will lead the company to become the first wood waste biomass plant to produce commercial-scale carbon-negative green hydrogen and RNG for the California fuel markets,” said Yosemite’s president, Tom Hobby.

One plant will produce an estimated 31,000 kilograms (kg) per day of RNG and 12,000 kg per day of green hydrogen. Over the next decade, Yosemite plans to have biomass energy plants across California and North America.

California has an estimated 35 million tons of waste wood biomass available annually, currently left to burn and decay, emitting greenhouse gases and black carbon. Yosemite will sustainably convert this biomass into syngas, from which the green hydrogen and RNG will be produced using downstream technology already widely commercialised in the US.

Each plant developed by Yosemite will be locally owned by farmers and forest landowners, who in return will provide wood waste, gathered at the end of the orchard’s lifecycle or through sustainable forest management.

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