Woodpecker supports RHI

Woodpecker Energy UK, a provider of domestic and commercial biomass boilers, welcomes the announcement of the £860 million (€972 million) Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), saying that businesses, farmers and the public sector could effectively benefit from free installation of biomass heating systems and free fuel for 20 years.

The first scheme of its kind, the RHI has been designed to reduce the UK's dependence on fossil fuels. Under the scheme, commercial, agricultural and civic and public sector buildings will be eligible to install renewable energy technologies, including biomass.

The RHI provides a financial incentive, with payments being made for each kWh of renewable heat produced. Tariffs for using renewable energy sources will be paid for 20 years for Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited renewable heat systems commissioned after 29 July 2009.

According to figures calculated by Woodpecker Energy, a 100kW biomass boiler installation running at a 15% load could result in a surplus of £4,728 when RHI tariffs are taken into account.

Executive chairman of Woodpecker Energy UK Tim Rook says: 'Biomass heating systems can play an important role when it comes to shifting away from fossil fuels, reduce our carbon emissions and encourage growth in the renewable energy sector. We are delighted that the government has now announced the details of the Renewable Heat Incentive, and that the non-domestic sector is set to benefit from this year onwards.'

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