Wood waste rollercoaster

Lauma Kazusa, head of market analysis at SUEZ Trading Europe, discusses the changing landscape surrounding wood waste and its impact on the bioenergy sector.

Market turbulence has been incredible over the last two years, affecting all sectors and products. Wood waste has not escaped this rollercoaster ride and is firmly set to continue with new twists and turns ahead.

In 2019, many within the biomass industry started to discuss the R-word – recession. It was a combination of both the gut feeling and the market fundamentals pointing in that direction. Still, nobody was expecting what came in 2020, and we are still trying to figure what is the new ‘normal’.

Wood waste supply is closely linked with the behaviour of construction, furniture, and packaging sectors, and demand is driven by the production of wood-based panels and the need for biomass energy.

During the initial weeks of the pandemic, many wood recycling sites across Europe were closed or operating with reduced hours and staff; consequently, the supply and availability of wood were curtailed. Simultaneously, demand declined as several panel...

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