Wood residues for increased energy security

Bioenergy is a precious resource for the benefit of climate change and the creation of a circular economy, says Turboden, part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group.

Representing 57% of the renewable energy consumed, bioenergy is the main source of renewable energy used in Europe.

The sector plays an important role in contributing to Europe’s excellence in renewable energy adoption. It is committed to championing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, enabling a sustainable circular economy, improving air quality, and in so doing, contributing to a sustainable European economy. However, despite the progress made, fossil fuels remain the largest source of power generation.

Unprecedented rises in the price of natural gas are increasing the cost of electricity for industry and consumers, pushing energy security up to political agendas across the EU. In this context, investment in alternative sources of energy, such as wood biomass residues, can offer stable prices and improved resilience to the energy market. As a substitute for traditional fuels, residues from wood biomass are reliable baseload energy sources...

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