Wood pellet certification scheme ENplus celebrates 1,000 members

Wood pellet certification scheme ENplus® has certified more than 1,000 companies as of June.

Over the last 10 years, ENplus has certified 526 pellet producers, 471 traders and three service providers across 46 countries. The total production of certified pellets is more than 12 million tonnes, accounting for around 77% of the European heating market.

ENplus, which is run by Bioenergy Europe, said that as of 2019 the biggest producer of ENplus-certified pellets continues to be Germany, with more than 2.7 million tonnes. Austria ranked second, followed by Russia, France and Poland. Aside from France, all countries in the top five have increased production compared to the previous year.

Catalina-Elena Dumitru, ENplus’ director, said: “Europe is heading for a greener future that foresees more and more use of biomass for the production of heat and electricity. The significant number of active certificates provides that high-quality wood pellets are part of this future, as the market demands quality from production to delivery. Therefore, ENplus standards and procedures are highly appreciated.”

The ENplus certification is based on the ISO 17225-2 standard, but goes “well beyond” with additional requirements, according to the organisation. Producers, traders and service providers can be certified for three different quality classes, most of the production being ENplus A1, the scheme’s highest class.

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