WM to invest $825m in RNG infrastructure

WM, a large North American waste management company, has shared plans to invest $825 million (€783 million) in its renewable energy footprint from 2022 to 2025 by expanding its RNG infrastructure.

With the investment, WM’s network of RNG facilities, landfill gas-to-electricity plants, and other beneficial use projects are estimated to generate enough renewable energy to supply the equivalent of 1 million homes and help WM fuel its entire natural gas fleet with RNG by 2026.

Today, WM is a leader in the beneficial reuse of landfill gas, with a growing network of RNG plants and the most landfill gas-to-electricity facilities in North America. Landfill gas is captured and turned into renewable electricity and fuel at 144 of its landfill sites.

“We are committed to sustainability through our actions and investments and are proud to transform yesterday’s waste to fuel our future with renewable energy,” said Tara Hemmer, chief sustainability officer at WM.

“As an end-to-end vertically integrated services provider, WM is uniquely positioned to expand our RNG footprint within our business.”

With this new investment, the company will increase projected production at WM-operated RNG facilities by around 600% in the next four years, said Hemmer.

Today, WM has 16 RNG plants across North America through a mix of WM plants and third-party developers. By 2026, the company plans to expand its RNG network with 17 new projects in areas including Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Quebec, and Ontario. RNG plants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Springdale, Arkansas, are expected to come online this year.

Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City said: “We appreciate this innovation that derives value from waste, and we’re grateful to WM for this unique effort. Investments like this new plant are ultimately positive for our local environment, and a fitting thing to celebrate during Earth Month.”

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