‘With large investments in the future, Nature Energy is looking to enhance the green transition’

By Ole Hvelplund, CEO, Nature Energy.

In many ways, we at Nature Energy have an exciting year ahead of us. In 2021, we announced a new, ambitious growth strategy which means Nature Energy will invest heavily in the construction of new large-scale biogas plants internationally. This will be our key focus in the year to come. A few years ago, the large-scale production of biogas was unknown territory, and, therefore, it was relatively expensive to develop the technologies. In previous years, we have strengthened our production methods and at the same time we have gained extensive experience in producing biogas at a large-scale effectively and with fewer production costs.

Massive potential to scale up the production

Our large-scale concept is unique and ‘home-grown’ in Denmark, where we already own and operate 11 large biogas plants (with more on the way). Today, we produce around a third of the biogas in Denmark, which is known for having the world’s greenest gas grid, and we see huge potential to expand our technology to new markets where biogas and green CO2 can make a difference for the...

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