Weltec Biopower to build 500 kW biogas plant in Greece

Weltec Biopower is to build a biogas plant in Veria, Greece, this summer.

The main investor and operator of the project is one of the largest abattoirs for cows and pigs in Greece. The 500 kW plant, which Weltec has planned in partnership with its Greek partner, Tetoros Machinery, is set to go live in mid-November.

According to Greek research institute CRES, the waste from animal husbandry and slaughtering in Greece amounts to 17.5 million tonnes per year. This equates to a potential biogas capacity of around 370 MW. The current installed capacity in Greece is around 83 MW. The new Weltec facility will utilise these resources to generate energy.

Using anaerobic digestion, the plant will convert cattle manure and meat processing leftovers. The digester will also be fed with production wastewater and fats coming from the abattoir and farm, as well as from other local farmers.

According to Weltec, Greek investors are looking for tailored plants to make use of the wide variety of raw materials available. Biogas plants such as these can help to double renewable energy power generation from 30-60% in 2030, as per the target set out in the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021 to 2030, adopted by Greece.

In the coming decade, Greece is expected to invest around €9 billion in similar projects. During this time, the installed biogas and biomass capacity is expected to triple. New laws will also be introduced to provide investment security, according to Weltec.

“The Greek power grid operators will be required to preferentially connect these plants to the grid, purchase their electricity and pay defined minimum prices,” said Weltec’s Greek partner, John Tetoros.

Tetoros Machinery and Weltec Biopower have collaborated on Greek energy projects since 2007. With a portfolio of 18 plants and extensions, the companies have become market leaders for biogas plants in Greece.


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