Weltec Biopower, Nordmethan to operate under single name

WELTEC BIOPOWER and Nordmethan will now operate under a single name.

For many years, the two German companies have been working under the same group. Weltec builds biogas and biomethane plants and Nordmethan supplements the portfolio with the operation of energy plants. Both companies will now operate under the name Weltec Biopower.

Jens Albartus, director of the Weltec Group, said: “This brand realignment was necessary to perpetuate our global success story and reinforce our positioning as a component biogas specialist in all areas of the industry.

“By operating under a single name, we intend to further increase the efficiency of the synergies between the individual business areas, which we had already been making use of.”

Weltec Biopower was established in 2001, focusing on the design, planning, and set-up of energy plants. Albartus added: “To date, we have set up more than 300 plants with an output of up to 10 MW each in 25 countries. Soon, five additional biogas plants are going to be built in Asia.

“Moreover, we are currently rolling out projects in several European countries. The high proportion of custom-developed components is a key USP that enables us to reduce interfaces.”

The Weltec Group does not focus just on its own nine sites, which produce around 96 million cubic metres of biogas and biomethane a year. The group also focuses on sharing its expertise with other operators and taking care of plant operation on behalf of banks, liquidators, and investors on a temporary or ongoing basis. “What is more,” said Albartus, “we regularly assist customers who run their own biogas plants with our mechanical and biological service.

“The combination under a single name will in no way impair our existing collaboration. Rather, we will be able to align our service offerings even more effectively with our customers’ quality requirements.”

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