Weltec Biopower constructs two AD projects in the UK

Weltec Biopower, a bioenergy developer from Germany, is working to complete two anaerobic digestion projects in the UK, one in Northern Ireland and one England.

Weltec is currently building a 500kW plant for an agricultural enterprise near Strabane, Northern Ireland.

The plant's two stainless steel digesters (3,573m³ and 4,903m³) will be fed with 24,500 tonnes of cattle manure, whole plant silage, dry chicken dung, grass silage, sugar beets, and small quantities of maize.

The project is progressing smoothly, Weltec, says, and the plant is set to go live and feed in power as early as summer 2016.

Low Farm in Sherburn, England, has also decided to have its 500kW biogas project built with Weltec technology.

Despite delayed project commencement and exceptionally wet weather, Weltec successfully completed the Low Farm plant ahead of the UK’s tight Feed-in-Tariff pre-accreditation deadline, ensuring long term financial viability of the plant for the client.

Weltec constructed the plant, based on a 3,573m³ stainless steel digester, achieving G59 in September 2015 despite only starting work on site in the beginning of July 2015.

The plant has been online since September 2015, producing power and heat from pig manure, dry chicken dung, beets, and some maize silage. 

In both plants, the upstream MultiMix input system pre-treats the substrates, enabling the operators to make use of inexpensive feedstock, such as manure and grass.

The surface area of the input substances is enlarged through effective shredding in order to optimise substrate/bacteria contact and boost the methane yield.

The MultiMix unit also removes stones from the feedstocks, reduces the likelihood of layering within the digester, and reduces the energy required for digester mixing.

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