Weltec acquires 2.2MW biogas plant in Lower Saxony

Nordmethan, a company in the Weltec Biopower group, has taken over an insolvent biogas plant in Südergellersen, Lower Saxony. According to a statement, the company plans to ‘modernise the technical and operational overall concept’ of the 2.2MW plant.

The plant was built in 2009, and expanded in 2014. The AD facility used horse manure as a feedstock, and sold digestate as fertiliser pellets. According to the Weltec statement, this concept proved ‘technically difficult and economically unfeasible’, resulting in the plant’s bankruptcy.

Weltec’s modernisation of the plant’s concept will see the two 3,000m3 capacity digesters at the plant fed with renewable raw materials and horse manure from local suppliers (within 15km). Biogas generated at the facility will be used to run two cogeneration power plants with an electrical output of 1.1MW each.

Nordmethan will supply power from the plant to the grid. Exhaust heat from the cogeneration will be used for drying the digestate.

“Following a takeover negotiation process of about two years, we will speedily modernise the plant technology in order to ensure its going concern“, says Jens Albartus, director of Weltec Biopower and Nordmethan.

The development of the plant is already underway, according to the Weltec statement.

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