Weber GreenTech invests in Swiss biogas firm Renergon

Weber GreenTech will become an operating partner of and an investor in Renergon International, a Swiss biogas technology company.

The merger between Renergon and Weber GreenTech, owned by the Marksdorf-based Weber entrepreneur family, will create a new major player in the construction and operation of organic waste processing plants, as well as in the field of healthy soils in the European market.

“In recent years, our family has started to diversify its business fields and to tap into other industries beyond the automotive sector,” said Christian Weber, chairman of the board of Weber GreenTech.

The family wants to ‘consistently follow this path’. To do so, the company wants to invest in alternative fuels and drive systems to shape the future of sustainable mobility and energy.

Karl-Heinz Restle, CEO and founder of Renergon International, commented: “The partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies and experienced skills who recognise the need for an integrated approach to finding solutions.

“These solutions will elevate the holistic utilisation of energy and recyclables to the next level using the core technology of solid-state fermentation, as well as adjacent technologies.”

The first lighthouse projects are in the completion and commissioning phase. Further market development will be managed by country organisations, support from the company headquarters in Switzerland. The aim is to successfully and efficiently deliver waste treatment, fermentation, biogas processing and utilisation, composting, and biochar.

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