‘We must retain a razorsharp focus on ensuring our biomass delivers positive outcomes’

Dr Alan Knight, director of sustainability, Drax Group.

Bioenergy has a vital role to play in keeping the 1.5˚C goal alive. Its unique ability to deliver reliable, renewable power that displaces fossil fuels, combined with carbon capture and storage (CCS) to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere, makes it an essential component in global efforts to address the climate crisis.

It is no coincidence that world leaders and policymakers are showing greater appreciation of the critical role that sustainable biomass and carbon removal must play, at the same time as more than 40 countries committed to phase out coal at COP26. Rising gas prices across Europe have highlighted the importance of energy security as over 90% of countries have committed to net zero. Biomass can help to achieve both these goals.

As we see increased global political momentum behind biomass, it is increasingly important that the industry, producers and users as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) work together to discuss guiding principles and reach consensus on what ‘good biomass’ looks like. If we can all sign up to those principles...

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