WBA appoints new council to focus on biogas industry development

The World Biogas Association (WBA) has appointed a council to support its development and that of the global industry.

Since forming in November 2016, the WBA has worked on several important projects highlighting the potential of biogas and its role in a low-carbon future. Recently, it rallied its members, including industry giants Engie, SUEZ and SHV to sign a declaration committing the biogas sector to deliver a 12% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Now, the WBA Council will help to further the organisation’s goals.

The nine-member WBA Council has been set up to provide: a strategic vision for the organisation’s activities; guidance on how to develop the biogas sector globally; new alliances and partnerships for the WBA and its members; external representation when required by the president or CEO.

Alongside WBA president, David Newman, the new councillors are:

  • Alberto Borello of the South African Biogas Industry Association

  • Alex Marshall of Clarke Energy (UK)

  • Chris Maloney of the Eisenmann Corporation (US)

  • Francois Huberts of DMT Environmental Technology (The Netherlands)

  • Gian Francesco Galanzino of Entsorga Italia SpA

  • Marta Kamola-Martines of ENGIE (France)

  • Ole Hvelplund of Nature Energy (Denmark)

  • Zeno Marani of SUEZ – Water Technologies and Solutions (France)

David Newman said: “We’re delighted to introduce our first line-up of councillors – an important milestone that reflects not only the growing impact of our association but also the increasing recognition by world bodies of the need to integrate biogas into the global economy to address the challenges of climate change and now the green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our council brings together international leaders in the biogas community and we look forward to working with them in fulfilling the industry’s global potential.”

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