Waste-to-energy plant under development in LA

Under RENEW LA, a scheme designed to help the US state of Los Angeles send 0% of its waste to landfill, a new waste-to-energy plant is being developed in the region.

Los Angeles has now started contract negotiations with Green Conversion Systems (GCS), which will design and construct the plant.

Domestic waste designed for the tip stands at around 3,300 tonnes a day in Los Angeles alone. Currently, just 1% of this is recycled to generate electricity.

However, the new plant, fitted with an Advanced Thermal Recycling (ATR) system from GCS will be able to handle around 1,100 tonnes a day of post-recycled municipal solid waste.

GCS' process is a two stage one, comprising the pre-processing step and advanced thermal recycling. Phase one will see the rubbish sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Those materials suitable for recycling are removed. The remaining materials then enter the ATR system, where 99% of it is converted into renewable electricity. This is enough to benefit over 6,000 households.

A site for the project has not yet been chosen; this is expected to be finalised within the next one to two years.

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