Waste to biogas in Ireland

A farm in Northern Ireland is to use cow waste from 600 animals, processing the poo to produce methane gas.

The gas is then sent into two engines which power generators, producing water which dries the waste, which is called ‘digestate’. The water is also used for pasteurising milk.

The plant produces 430kW an hour, which can power about 430 homes and has an energy efficiency of 86%.

The farmer earns an income from the system and Peter Kindt, the chairman from Alfagy, the company behind the system, says he does not understand why systems such as these are not installed more frequently.

He says: ‘It It is astonishing that more financial support isn’t directed at biogas power plants as they create eight times more value than other renewable technologies such as wind turbines.’

The biogas plant will be only the second to be built in Northern Ireland.

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