Waste management firm invests in a greener future

Cleansing Service Group, a UK-based privately owned waste management company, has announced it is investing in the renewable energy technology sector.

The company has gained an equity stake in Refgas, the Deeside-based developer of a modular 'green gas and energy' generating plant, in return for an 'undisclosed but material investment'.

This will help Refgas to build and operate its first commercial applications in the UK, which are designed to generate electricity, heat and cooling for large, energy hungry companies or to export green electricity to the power grid, replacing power from coal and other fossil fuels.

The Refgas technology converts waste wood and some other waste materials into a synthetic natural gas. From there, the gas is used to fuel standard engines and generate power and heat, with each compact unit being capable of generating enough power to benefit around 2,000 homes.

George Willacy, Refgas founder, says: 'We are delighted to be associated with CSG and their investment will ease and speed up our entry into the commercial marketplace.'

CSG has 23 of its own operating sites in the UK.

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