Waste from Norfolk, UK businesses powers homes

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An upgrade from producing electricity to gas at a local anaerobic digestion facility has transformed a Norfolk town into one of the UK’s first green communities. Bioenergy Insight finds out more.
The picturesque town of Attleborough in Norfolk, England, has found a new claim to fame. An upgrade to an existing anaerobic digestion (AD) plant on a former turkey rearing site means the town is now one of the UK’s first green communities.
The plant receives collections of waste produce from the local area — ranging from food waste from local businesses, to waste from abattoirs and local factories, often preventing it from going to landfill. The waste is used to produce biomethane which is injected into the local gas grid supplying the town.
Chris Waters, operations director (north) of the AD plant’s operator, Eco Verde Energy, said that, although the new waste plant was constructed on the site of an existing AD facility, there were still some initial hesitations from the local community.
“The planning process was fairly simple; at first there were a few concerns from the residents that lived close to the plant, but once they...

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