Wärtsilä to provide UK waste company with national grid-supporting biogas solution

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Technology group Wärtsilä has announced it will supply a biogas upgrading solution to Transwaste, a British waste management and environmental services company.
The plant, near Hull in the North of England, will produce biogas from municipal waste and will inject up to 6 million m3 of biomethane into the national gas grid each year.
The order with Wärtsilä was entered into the order book in March 2023 and the delivery of the plant is scheduled for December 2023.
This will be a dry anaerobic digestion plant capable of handling organic matter with a consistency of approximately 20 to 40% dry matter. Conventional wet digestion plants can handle a maximum of 20% dry matter.
Key features of Wärtsilä’s Puregas amine-based, upgrading technology are its significant operational cost advantages and its ability to handle biogas with high concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) without the need for costly pre-treatment, the firm said.
Since the raw biogas for this project is expected to contain higher than normal VOC levels, the Wärtsilä solution will include a flash tank to flash out the VOCs and ensure long amine life.
Melton Energy Tech Ltd has been established to execute the project which is being managed by Paul Winter Consulting Ltd (PWCL), a project management and construction consultancy business.
“We have successfully worked in close cooperation with Wärtsilä on a number of previous projects and we are pleased to continue this cooperation with this latest project. Wärtsilä brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience which is particularly valuable during the pre-construction phase,” commented Chris Ives of PWCL.
“The operational cost advantages of  Wärtsilä’s biogas upgrading solution are especially relevant now that energy costs are so high. Our solutions are fully aligned with Wärtsilä’s strategy to develop and deliver solutions that support a sustainable future. Furthermore, this product will provide the customer with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership which is a key driver for both our product development and value propositions,” said Steven Scott, sales manager, Biogas Solutions, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions.

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