Want to learn about the future of biofuels aviation in Asia?

Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Senior Power Plants Engineer at Pakistan International Airlines, is the latest speaker to confirm his participation at the upcoming Bioenergy International Asia expo & conference, being held on 10-11 November at the Hotel Maya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

World aviation fuel demand is growing rapidly, and is being led by Asia. The global aviation fuel in 2010 is forecast to rise 6% to 2.4million barrels with Asia accounting between 20-25% of the demand. And in the coming years much of this demand will be met by biofuels.

In the next two years, as standardisation occurs and production increases, biofuels are expected to be adopted wholesale by airlines. Forecasts estimate that that 50-70% of jet fuel could be replaced with biofuels by 2035. And even the worst case estimates put biofuel in aviation as high as 40% by 2035.

The issue is no longer technological, but commercial. Drop in biofuels have already been tested by various commercial airlines including Air NewZealand, Virgin and Continental etc. Air New Zealand, for example, plans to use a million barrels a year from 2013 and Thailand’s PTT Aromatics and Refinery has just announced plans to invest $150 million (€108 million) to develop aviation biodiesel and production facilities.

This move is driven by the need to meet the inclusion of aviation into the Euroepan Emission Trading Scheme, which will take effect in 2012. If the company goes ahead with the plan the large-scale production could begin by early to mid-2012.

Ahmed will be speaking on the current trends and developments in aviation fuels, engine trends and design limitations, power plants of the future on biofuels and the expected performance of using biofuels.

These biofuels, whether for aviation or for transport, need to be produced sustainably, another issue which will be a key theme at the upcoming two day event.

Vincent Piket, Ambassador and head of the delegation of the European Union to Malaysia, will speak on how Malaysia can open up trade opportunities to Europe.

This will be followed by presentations from two different sustainability certification bodies. These will look at what the criteria entails, the challenges faced by the industry and the Commission’s communication requirements.

The conference programme also includes presentations from successful producers across Asia such as Alpha Biofuels, Pacific Bio-Fields Holdings and Indo Biofuels Energy to name a few.

Other key themes at the event include how to secure plant finance and investment, new feedstock possibilities, managing price risk exposure and a global overview of the biofuels market across Asia.

This conference is unique in that it is twinned with Tank Storage Asia expo & conference, a consecutive two day conference exploring the bulk liquid storage market in Asia. Conference delegates can attend both events for the same price, and ensures it will be of interest to oil companies, traders and terminal operators, as well as biofuel producers, regulatory and technology suppliers.

Full details of the event can be found at www.biofuelsinternationalexpo.com/asia and www.tankstorageevents.com/tsasia

The conference delegate fee is only RM2,900 or RM 1,500 for one day. There is also a 10% discount for the second delegate from the same company registered and 25% for each subsequent registration

Since the market is still growing with many fledgling companies there is a 50% discount for certified biofuels, biomass and biopower producers

Please register online at: http://www.biofuelsinternationalexpo.com/asia/conf_register.html or contact Margaret@biofuels-news.com 0044 208 687 4126 for further details.

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