Wales welcomes AD plant

In Powys, Wales, Potter Waste Management is planning to build a £7 million (€8.24 million) anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.

The digestor at Bryn Posteg landfill site, near Llanidloes, has been approved by Powys County Council and will create up to 40 jobs in the area.

Expected to be completed by 2012, the digestor will transform bio-degradable waste to methane gas, soil conditioner and fertiliser for local farmers to use.

The methane gas by-product of the process will be used in a combined heat and power plant to generate electricity which will be exported to the national grid. It will also produce heat which will be used to pre-treat the incoming bio-degradable waste.

The digested sludge cake produced by the process will be transported off-site and will be spread on agricultural land in the general area as a soil conditioner.

The liquor by-product of the process will either be transported off-site, for use as a fertiliser on agricultural land or will be treated on-site prior to discharge.

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