Wah Seong seeks to provide biomass plants to several continents

Malaysia-based Wah Seong Corporation (WS) is to expland its renewable energy division via plans to build biomass generated power plants in Asean, South America and Africa.

The first two plants at the head of the push would be delivered into Congo and Cambodia, tentatively based at 5MW and 10MW of power respectively.

‘Usually, the cost to build a plant is between $1.2 and $1.5 million per megawatt,’ WS group chief executive Chan Cheu Leong was quoted as saying. ‘Potentially we may build up to 30 new plants across the globe over the next five to ten years.’

The size of the plants will be dictated by the needs of the respective countries but Leong added that bigger plants were not an unfeasible thought for WS moving forward.

‘The sizes I quoted are suitable for developing countries where energy is not sufficient,’ he continued. ‘We are seeking rice mill and palm oil mill operators in the respective countries for potential strategic partnerships too.’

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