Wabio to “build 20 biogas plants in Serbia”

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Wabio Investment Holding, the Serbian arm of Chinese renewable energy company Wabio Technology Holding, plans to begin the construction of a €20 million biogas plant next week, according to SeeNews.
The investment in the village of Nova Crnja, northern Serbia, will reportedly mark the start of an investment cycle in Serbia worth €400 million.
It would be the first plant of its kind within the region, and the plan is to build 20 biogas plants in Serbia, according to reports.
“Wabio Technology exclusively uses waste materials as raw materials. The processing technology available to the company allows it to obtain 3 billion cubic metres of green methane from these raw materials, which is enough for the gas independence of the country,” news provider Ekapija quoted Wabio Investment Holding as saying in a statement.

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