VYNCKE: Family-owned business with global presence

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Bioenergy Insight spoke to Kevin Vandewalle, sales director at VYNCKE, who gave a comprehensive picture of its business model, its agility during challenging times and ongoing technological innovations.
VYNCKE was established in 1912 in Flanders by Louis Vyncke, a blacksmith by trade. As Flanders’ flax industry was flourishing by the 1920s, so demand for steam boilers grew — to generate energy to remove flax fibres from their stalks. Coal was expensive, and these boilers were designed to burn flax straw waste. The company expanded rapidly.
In 2002 Peter and Dieter Vyncke took over the family business, now in its fourth generation. Headquartered in Harelbeke, the organisation has over 380 employees spanning the globe. Bioenergy Insight was curious to know how the business had thrived for so long, and what it perceived to be the industry’s greatest challenges.
Vandewalle explained that VYNCKE’s business model has remained quite unchanged since it started 110 years ago. Its business operation involves going to industries and transforming a process waste flow they have into a solution for their energy needs.
For Vandewalle, the...

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