VTT improving biomass delivery chains in Vietnam

VTT, a company working at developing Vietnam’s solid biomass fuel resources on an industrial level as part of the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme run by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is to create multi-fuel delivery chains for power plants and industrial boilers.

The programme will make sure biomass fuels are available all year round through the use of storage systems to make seasonal raw materials available continuously.

It is thought that through this programme, biomass will be able to be more efficiently and more often delivered, which should allow for biomass fuel to be more readily available at Vietnamese power plants.

The project is also examining how to make transportation of the biomass via water routes more efficient and how better to use road transport and loading and unloading technology. Currently loading and unloading is all done manually.

In Finland, solutions are being developed to be implemented into the programme and last year the company looked at identifying the bottlenecks within the delivery chains.

In regards to transport, storage, pelleting, multi-fuel use and agreements, all aspects of the delivery chains were looked at and improvements on these will be put in place this year.

Although the amount of solid biomass has fallen from the 162TWh that was consumed in 2005, total energy consumption has grown faster than biomass fuel use.

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