VORN Bioenergy looks to become an early adopter

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Thorsten Holl was recently appointed managing director and chief executive officer of VORN Bioenergy, effective from 1 August. He tells Bioenergy Insight about his appointment and approach.
Holl brings over 20 years of multi-national senior executive experience from the energy and construction sectors. He joined VORN from Emerald Operating Partners, a strategic advisory boutique within the energy transition domain. Bioenergy Insight asked how similar this role is likely to be.
“Strategic Consulting is by nature hands-off,” Holl said. “It typically ends where implementation commences within the operating environment of the entity receiving the consultancy services. The speciality of consulting is the exposure to different customers and industries within short periods."
Despite product differences, numerous assignments show that operational challenges are often similar, he added.
The VORN CEO role is more tangible, because strategic decisions, and their implementation, are interconnected.
“VORN decided to embrace a path of multi-faceted experience for the new strategic direction. I am convinced about the...

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