Volvo to test biogas-powered snow sweeper

In Sweden the Volvo Group has collaborated with Schmidt and Swedavia as part of a field test to trial a snow sweeper powered by biogas.

The Volvo Group’s snow sweeper is fitted with two nine-litre Volvo engines, which are currently powered on a 50:50 mix of biogas and conventional diesel. However this fossil fuel could eventually be switched with biodiesel, resulting in zero carbon emissions.

‘We have combined the superior efficiency of a diesel engine with the advantages of biogas,’ said Volvo’s director of environmental affairs Inge Horkeby. ‘This has resulted in an engine that is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional gas powered engines in which the biogas combusts in an Otto cycle.’

Swedavia is looking for all 14 of its Sweden-based airports to be carbon-neutral and snow removal vehicles will feature as part of this plan, deployed to keep snow off the runways.

Swedavia will receive the snow sweeper at Arlanda Airport Stockholm before it is transported to Kiruna Airport where the tests will commence.

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