Viridi partners with American Organic Energy for one of US’ “largest food waste-to-RNG projects”

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Viridi, a leading renewable natural gas (RNG) platform, has partnered with American Organic Energy (AOE) to develop one of the largest food waste-to-renewable natural gas projects in the US.
The project is expected to convert 210,000 tons of waste per year – which is equivalent to the entire annual food waste of Dallas, Texas – into clean energy and agriculture products.
Located in Yaphank, NY, the AOE facility represents a historic step toward circularity in waste disposal, housing the first anaerobic digester to process food waste in the New York City metropolitan area, according to Viridi.
The project will divert food waste from landfills located up to 300 miles away and transform it into RNG, via anaerobic digestion, and into other renewable products, such as fertiliser.
The project expects to generate emissions reductions equivalent to nearly 100,000 tons of CO2 per year and is projected to produce renewable fuels equivalent to 10 million gallons of gasoline annually.
Viridi said the deal is significant both for the company and for the renewable energy industry, because it will deliver RNG at an attractive price-per-ton of CO2 avoided without being dependent upon the credit markets.
The firm, which launched last year with the backing of Warburg Pincus and Green Rock Energy Partners, has signed an offtake agreement with FortisBC, a British Columbia-based energy solutions provider.
Per the agreement, which has a term length of 20 years, FortisBC will purchase the RNG produced at the AOE facility to deliver to its customers.
The project will drive substantial positive environmental impact, largely by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with current food waste disposal practices, added Viridi.
The carbon intensity of the AOE facility, which is located at the Long Island Compost site, will be approximately -100gCO2e/MJ.
Food waste is the single most common material landfilled and incinerated across the US. As such, the AOE project aligns with food waste reduction goals set by the USDA and EPA, which target decreases of 50% by 2030.
“This landmark project demonstrates to the renewable energy industry that large-scale food waste-to-RNG projects are viable as robust financial investments and as environmentally impactful solutions to our greenhouse gas emissions and food waste crises,” said Dan Crouse, CEO of Viridi.
“The AOE project provides a cost-effective, sustainable solution for a meaningful portion of food waste generated annually in the New York City metropolitan area. I’m proud to embark on the next phase of this project with Viridi, an experienced RNG partner, as we envision the possibility of scaling production at the site in the future,” added Charles Vigliotti, CEO and president of AOE.

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