Viridi launches landfill RNG project with Marathon County, Wisconsin

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Viridi Energy (Viridi), a leading renewable natural gas (RNG) platform, has begun construction on a landfill renewable natural gas project at the Marathon County Solid Waste Department’s landfill in Ringle, Wisconsin, US. The development creates a partnership between Viridi and Marathon County that will convert landfill gas into clean RNG, equal to more than three million gallons of petrol annually.
While the management team has developed more than a dozen landfill to RNG sites and has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, this is one of the first landfill projects developed under the Viridi name, a company they launched last year with the backing of Warburg Pincus and Green Rock Energy Partners. Viridi will be converting a dormant biogas-to-energy project into a state-of-the-art RNG facility.
For Marathon County, the partnership with Viridi is its latest sustainable infrastructure venture. This project will have a direct, positive environmental impact on the surrounding community by reducing the need for on-site emissions mitigation through the conversion of naturally occurring landfill gas into clean RNG, according to Viridi.
“As the transition away from fossil fuels accelerates, our Marathon County project showcases how waste-to-energy projects can be a win-win-win. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the county’s landfill, converting that landfill gas into clean RNG and replacing the need for fossil fuel-derived natural gas in the process,” said Viridi CEO Dan Crouse. “In addition to the environmental impact, we are excited to support the local economy in Marathon County as we kick off operations in the community.”
“As stewards of our financial and natural resources, we are excited for what this project means for Marathon County,” said Kurt Gibbs, chair of the Marathon County board of supervisors. “This project is a great example of how innovative and sustainable resource management can benefit our entire community.”
Once the construction phase is complete and the facility is operational, Viridi will deliver clean energy to offtake partners, including long-term buyers of RNG and the transportation market, the firm said.


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