Viridi and Vespene launch joint pilot site

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Vespene Energy (Vespene), a biogas renewable energy developer, and Viridi Energy (Viridi), a full-service renewable natural gas (RNG) platform, have today announced the launch of their first joint pilot site with a municipal landfill in Marathon County, Wisconsin, US.
The companies said they are using highly efficient energy generation equipment to convert the naturally occurring landfill byproduct of methane gas into electricity that powers a variety of on-site uses - including data processing.
The pilot project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while generating revenue to subsidise Viridi's investment in building a state-of-the-art RNG facility at the landfill.
Viridi said it expects that the RNG facility - which will produce the equivalent of three million gallons of gasoline annually - to be fully operational by the second half of 2024.
"Unlike traditional offtakers of landfill gas, Vespene's technology solution brings revenue-generating, energy efficient data centres onsite and is immediately deployable and highly scalable," said Vespene Energy co-founder and CEO Adam Wright.
"This enables municipal landfill operators to monetise an otherwise stranded asset while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions quickly and economically."
"Viridi is proud of the immediate environmental benefit that our partnership with Vespene will produce," said Viridi CEO Dan Crouse.
"This pilot project serves as an important bridge. It will capture and convert the methane produced by the landfill's gas collection and control system, while we build our industry-leading RNG facility at this site over the months ahead. It is a win for the Marathon County community and for our planet."

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