Vietnam has 'huge' potential to exploit biomass-based energy

Vietnam has huge potential to produce renewable energy from biomass-based sources, according to a new report for the Vietnam Energy Association (VEA).

Vietnam.net reported that the VEA said that this could amount to up to 1 billion kWh in 2020 and 6 billion kWh in 2050 from waste, Vietnam.net said, with a total amount from biomass and waste of up to 9 billion kWh in 2020 and 80 kWh in 2050.

“There are still many obstacles such as high investment and low prices” said VEA Chairman Tran Viet Ngai, speaking to Vietnam.net. In order to replace hydropower and thermal power with renewable energy, the government should offer more support policies and land and tax incentives to reduce the costs of importing spare parts and equipment.”

VEA estimates that Vietnam can produce 101 billion kWh of renewable energy in 2020 and 452 billion kWh in 2050, accounting for 43% of the total energy in Vietnam.

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