Vibra, ZEG Biogas to develop Brazil’s biomethane market

Petrobras Distribuidora (Vibra) has signed a cooperation agreement with ZEG Biogas e Energia (ZEG) to jointly develop biomethane projects.

The companies aim to promote the growth of the biomethane market in Brazil, providing producers with technological solutions for the manufacture of biomethane from by-products of the industrial process that originates ethanol.

Vibra intends to provide more than 300 ethanol plants, belonging to 60 industrial groups with which it relates, an environmentally adequate solution that, from the vinasse and effluents from their production processes, contributes to improving soil quality, thereby improving the operating results of the facilities.

Through this agreement, Vibra and ZEG combine their strengths. ZEG has experience in biomethane production, with its own technology that the ideal solution in bio-digestion for vinasse, while Vibra can access the main sugar and ethanol producers in Brazil, which will use its commercial capacity to accelerate the introduction of biomethane in the market.

The potential market for biomethane in Brazil is over 10 million cubic metres per year – equivalent to one-third of current demand for natural gas in the country.

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