Vertus Energy and Biogest embark on European plant pilot project

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Vertus Energy is partnering with Biogest to demonstrate its BRIO solution at commercial scale in Europe. BRIO is an external modular unit that Biogest said easily retrofits into existing anaerobic digesters. Vertus' Bio-Catalytic platform controls the bacteria behaviour inside the main anaerobic digestion tank to accelerate reaction speeds and production yield.
Vertus now aims to retrofit BRIO into every anaerobic digester to help Europe maximise its existing plants' production, which when achieved could meet 66% of its 2030 targets.
The pilot will begin in 2023 within the testing facility and move to the demonstration unit in 2024. This demonstration unit is the start of the BRIO commercialisation, with the aim of showing investors and other potential partners that BRIO can be implemented at commercial scale.
This is the first step in achieving the transition to permanent renewable energy. Once commercially enabled, Europe will have an energy option that is domestically sourced and less vulnerable to price changes based on international politics and environmental change. For households, this could mean cheaper energy bills that are less likely to fluctuate. With the ongoing energy crisis in Europe, this is a significant step forward for the implementation of more renewables in the energy mix and the decarbonisation of our energy matrix.
“We are excited to make this bold move into Europe by partnering with Biogest” said Benjamin Howard, co-founder at Vertus Energy.
“The team at Vertus are looking forward to trialling the BRIO technology on a mass scale, bringing more renewable energy to millions of homes in Europe.”
“Our new partnership with Vertus Energy will focus on enhancing existing plants to be more efficient and cost effective” added Georgi Kirov, Senior Sales Manager from Biogest. “BRIO aims to be the perfect retrofit option for biogas plant owners. It is being designed to easily retrofit into their existing plant and could be a game changer for the industry by improving the performance of waste in our plants. It's exciting for me, as I have seen BRIO in their industrial laboratory in New Zealand and this partnership could lead to it performing at full scale.”

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