Verso Paper launches biomass project

In the US, Memphis, Tennessee-based coated paper producer Verso Paper Corp. has launched a $40 million (€29.1 million) renewable energy project at its mill in Bucksport, Maine.

By replacing coal with biomass in one of its boilers and installing a new 25MW turbine generator, the project will provide a 43% increase in thermal energy production from renewable biomass. It will also generate additional green power equivalent to the amount needed to supply electricity to 30,000 homes in the state.

‘The forest industry needs to change and Verso is at the forefront of innovative practices such as improving energy efficiency by pursuing biofuel opportunities,’ said Maine governor John Baldacci. ‘Doing so also has the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing overall energy consumption in Maine.

'We’ve been working aggressively to expand renewable power generation and have been recognised nationally for our efforts to promote energy efficiency. Partnering with private industry like Verso is essential for us to meet our goals,’ he continued.

The project will be part-funded by a grant provided by Efficiency Maine, an independent trust investing in cost-effective energy efficiency or alternative energy projects.

The Bucksport Renewable Energy Project is expected to break ground before the end of this year.

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