Verdo supplies Scotland's Mhor businesses with wood fuel

Wood pellet and briquette supplier Verdo Renewables is the chosen supplier of wood fuel for the Scotland, UK-based business group Mhor.

The business comprises a hotel, restaurants, a fishmongers and fish and chip shop, a tea room, a 2000 acre farm and a bakery with the UK's first installed wood pellet oven.

Verdo supplies Mhor with wood pellets, bulk and bagged, and wood briquettes, all manufactured in its Grangemouth facility, using locally sourced timber.

The company's Monachyle Mhor hotel, along with its restaurant, staff accommodation and farm are all installed with a wood pellet boiler which provides heat and hot water.

Smaller wood burners have been installed at Mhor Tea, Mhor Fish and Mhor Bread. The latter has recently commissioned a 30 tray deck oven from Bakewell, the world's only supplier of bakery ovens using biomass technology.

Dick Lewis, one of the proprietors of the Mhor businesses says: 'Our initial tests show that both the Verdo pellets and briquettes burn very well and to date the product quality has been consistently excellent,' says Dick Lewis, one of the proprietors of the Mhor businesses. 'For us, it was an added bonus that Verdo is located nearby and it source all timber locally.'

Alistair McGlynn, UK sales manager at Verdo Renewables, says, 'We believe that the Mhor businesses must be one of the most eco friendly operations of their type anywhere in the UK. They are a fantastic example of how business can become more environmentally responsible and benefit the bottom line, at the same time.'

Verdo Renewables manufactures 55,000 tonnes of wood pellets and briquettes annually at its plant in Grangemouth. The Grangemouth facility and its sister plant in Andover were the first in the UK to receive certification under ENplus, the new Europe wide standard for premium quality wood pellets.

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