Veolia to generate energy from Notting Hill Carnival waste

Waste management company Veolia is expecting to collect around 200 tonnes of leftover waste from the London-based Notting Hill Carnival, which will be burnt to generate energy for the National Grid.

The Carnival, which takes place over a public holiday weekend at the end of August every year in London, was attended by around one million revellers from around the world.

Veolia estimates the Carnival rubbish will generate around 97,200 kWh of electricity and 19,600 kWh of heat - enough to power 80,000 hot showers or 84km of travel on the London Underground - while saving 54 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The clean-up is a formidable operation, with a team of 170 workers and 60 vehicles working round-the-clock to get the streets clean in time for the start of the working week.

"While the clean-up following Notting Hill Carnival represents a sizeable challenge, it's one we relish because it's a real team effort," said Vincent Masseri, senior contract manager for Veolia. "We deal with the waste in the most sustainable way possible and ensure everything is spotless ahead of rush hour on Tuesday morning."

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